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October 7th, 2019, 5:12 pm
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Gogglesbird October 7th, 2019, 5:12 pm
so uh, I’ve missed quite a few updates, I know I took a break at the start of this chapter to try and build up a buffer but for the last few months I’ve been stuck working full time hours and i cant complain because that’s what i wanted but between that and my mental health its been really hard to find the time and motivation to work on comics which honestly is breaking the closest thing I have to a heart. There’s also a ton of other transitioning based stress going on and almost every day off for a while has either been a trip to the doctors to chase up hormone shit, or trips to various places trying to convince them i exist and get the name change stuff sorted that i thought was finished months ago, I’m just so tired. When I get home from work i spend like an hour to two hours doing nothing and i hate it i’m so fucking tired.

I’m sorry to be all depressing but there’s a point i was making, I’m going to change my update schedule to once every other week, i’ll try to keep it weekly but i can’t guarantee that anymore and it’s feels stupid to update late every week and give the same apology each time.

This won’t be long term, hopefully, brexit willing, i’m quitting my job in a couple of months, i’ve been saving up all this time and I guess i should thank them for giving me all these hours because that’s what’s making this plan viable. (Not that they know this yet lmao) I’ll be working on this essentially full time, although I have a couple of other projects in mind because I don’t think i’m physically capable of working on just one thing 5 days a week, after those months of freedom are up i’m not sure what will happen but we’ll see if this even happens first.

anyway sorry for the long thing, thought it was better to have it all in one place rather than on a Twitter thread or whatever. Thank you to whoever’s stuck with this comic through all my nonsense <3

tldr: been busy af, comic updates are every other week, maybe weekly. Quitting job soon, will be working on art full time. Love you <3
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